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Photo Studio


Enter our studio nestled within the city's beating heart, where the art of sound finds its noble abode. Imbued with premier recording equipment and ensconced within a soundproof chamber, we offer a haven for the discerning podcaster and audio enthusiast alike. Whether you're a luminary in the field or a burgeoning talent, our space stands poised to elevate your voice and transmute your ideas into symphonic marvels. Let us orchestrate your auditory masterpiece with finesse and grace.

Slat wall panelling in the sound recording studio


Recording Studio

Our sound resistant 'floating' studio is surrounded by acoustic panelling and wooden flooring, to add depth and enrich your voice. Your listeners will appreciate it as much as you will, that's a promise.



From podcasters to singers, we have different mics available depending on what you're recording, in order to make your work purpose-fitting and professionally attuned.

Soon Blue mic on the table of the sound recording studio
Rodecaster Pro II


Mixing desk

We have a spot outside the studio, equipped with a Rodecaster Pro II. It's four XLR connectors allow for recording of up to 4 people, along with other wireless and bluetooth connections which increase that number up to 9.


Digital furnishings

We have our iMac furnished with Logic Pro and Audacity, allowing you to fully edit your recording(s), and come out of our studios with a complete and polished product!

A screen of audio editing software timeline
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