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Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions:


   a. "The Client" refers to any individual or organisation engaged with Niltoni Studios (FNR STUDIOS LTD) or any representative, agent, servant, employee, or subcontractor thereof.


   b. "The Equipment" encompasses all fixtures and fittings, including but not limited to lighting, radio triggers, poly-boards, stands, reflectors, and coloramas, either present in or provided by Niltoni Studios (FNR STUDIOS LTD).


   c. "The Studio" denotes Niltoni Studios (FNR STUDIOS LTD), situated at 4th Floor, Sunco House, 5 Carliol Square, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6UF.


   d. "us/we/our" pertains to Niltoni Studios (FNR STUDIOS LTD).


2. Hire Fees:


   a. The fee for photographic stills shoots is £165 for a standard day or as mutually agreed with the studio manager prior to the hire.


   b. A standard Studio day spans any 8-hour period, bookable between 0800 and 2200.


   c. A standard Studio half-day comprises any 4-hour period between 0800 and 2200.


   d. Overtime incurs a charge of £25 per hour with a minimum 1-hour charge.


3. Booking and Cancellations:


   a. A 50% deposit is mandatory to confirm any booking. This non-transferable and non-refundable deposit is applicable solely to the day of the requested booking.


   b. Studio bookings attain confirmation upon the receipt of the 50% deposit.


   c. The Client's date is not secured until payment is received and cleared.


   d. In the event of Niltoni Studios (FNR STUDIOS LTD) canceling the Client’s reservation, a full refund will be issued.


   e. The deposit must precede the commencement of the Client’s reserved time.


   f. If the Client cancels the reservation without a minimum 24-hour notice, they are liable for the full cost and will be invoiced accordingly.


   g. Niltoni Studios (FNR STUDIOS LTD) reserves the right to reject reservations at its discretion.


4. Payment Terms:


   a. General bookings require full settlement in advance on the booking date.


   b. For certain circumstances or pre-approved commercial Clients, accounts are available, invoiced with payment due within 30 days from the invoice date.


   c. Overdue accounts will be charged at the full studio rate and accrue interest at 4% per month or part thereof.


5. Provisional Bookings/Studio Options:


   a. Clients may provisionally book the Studio, with the opportunity to confirm. If unable to confirm, subsequent parties may take priority.


   b. It is in the Client's interest to confirm a provisional booking promptly with a deposit.


6. Equipment:


   a. Niltoni Studios (FNR STUDIOS LTD) commits to providing equipment in good working order, with no guarantees as to functionality or suitability.


   b. Lost, damaged, or stolen Equipment incurs charges at its full replacement cost.


   c. The Client may not remove any Equipment from the premises, and all Equipment must be returned promptly and in good condition.


7. Client Materials:


   a. Unless otherwise agreed, materials used by the Client, including sets and props, must be collected and removed from Niltoni Studios (FNR STUDIOS LTD) premises at the hire period's end and at the Client's expense.


8. Studio Premises:


   a. The Client is responsible for any costs resulting from damage to Niltoni Studios (FNR STUDIOS LTD) premises.


   b. No alterations, decorations, or additions to the Studio are permitted without prior consent.


   c. The Studio must be surrendered in its original condition at the hire period's conclusion.


9. Length of Use:


   a. Full-day rental periods are 8 hours. Studio clean-up must conclude by the rental period's end.


   b. Failure to return the studio to its original state incurs a clean-up fee of one hour's full-rate overtime (£25).


   c. Client’s rental time starts and ends promptly; no exceptions.


10. Terms of Use:


   a. Use of the Studio and equipment is at the CLIENT’S OWN RISK.


   b. The Client waives rights to legal redress for mishaps, accidents, or loss on Niltoni Studios (FNR STUDIOS LTD) premises.


   c. The Client must leave the studio and adjacent grounds in the same condition as arrival.


   d. The Client is solely responsible for any legal infractions by their party.


   e. The Client is responsible for the conduct, welfare, and safety of all persons on the premises.


11. Indemnity:


   a. Niltoni Studios (FNR STUDIOS LTD), its agents, representatives, and affiliates are held harmless from any action, legal or otherwise, resulting from the Client’s conduct.


12. Limitation of Liability:


   a. Neither the Manager nor Niltoni Studios (FNR STUDIOS LTD) takes responsibility for loss or damages suffered by the Client, caused by or arising from Studio or Equipment use.


   b. All equipment and valuables brought onto the premises are at the Client’s own risk.


13. Client Agreement:


   a. The Client agrees to hold Niltoni Studios (FNR STUDIOS LTD), its owner, agents, representatives, and contractors harmless for any loss, accident, or injury to themselves or accompanying parties.


14. Identification:


   a. The Client must provide proof of age and identity for all persons on Niltoni Studios (FNR STUDIOS LTD) premises, with no exceptions.


15. Governing Law:


   a. These terms and conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with English Law.

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